Ive leaving Apple, ‘CrescentCore' Malware and Synology win again

New Malware for macOS in the wild

Research by Intego reports that a new Malware threat called ‘CrescentCore’ has been found in the wild in the form of Flash Player installers. This particular piece of software is rather cunning as it runs a check to see if it’s running in a Virtual Machine (security experts regularly use these to prevent their own machines being infected) or if anti-virus is running. If either of these conditions are met, it simply does nothing.

Mac users have long sat back and said that they don’t have to worry about viruses and to a point they still don’t as injecting unwanted software onto a Mac whilst possible is still proof-of-concept right now. HOWEVER, Malware is a very real threat as it’s based on hacking the user - not the computer - as people don’t often pay close attention to what they’re actually downloading rather than what they think they’re installing. In this case CrescentCore purports to be a Flash Player installer but surely you’re not visiting websites that still use Flash are you….?

Jony Ive leaves Apple for new venture

A long time cornerstone of Apple, Jony Ive will be leaving later this year in order to start his own design company - LoveFrom. With many fearing the worst it should be noted that Ive’s involvement has been waning since the release of the first Watch in 2015 and it would seem that Apple could well be his first client.

Whilst Ive has been instrumental in how Apple’s products look for some time, I can't help but feel that the new company name should be "LoveForm" given the decisions made on some of his designs where form took away from function. Specifically the Magic Mouse 2 which has the charging port on the bottom?!

Synology Named Business Choice Winner by PCMag in Work Servers/NAS Survey for Six Years in a Row

A long time favourite of Inception Support, Synology once again come out on top of PCMag’s annual survey. These NAS units come in a multitude of configurations giving businesses of all sizes a wide choice.

Ever since the demise of the Xserve and Apple’s reluctance to give us anything worthy of the name Server in terms of hardware or software we have been installing Synology NAS units.

These units are quite frankly brilliant - they’re affordable, versatile, reliable and quiet so there’s little not to like about them. In fact, there’s one sat right beside me handling file services, a backup of my laptop and an offsite nightly backup and you wouldn’t know it’s there.

If you have an ageing Mac server be it an Xserve, Mac Pro or Mac mini that you’re considering retiring we recommend that you give these devices a serious look. If you can’t decide which one is best for you, we’re happy to have a chat to help.

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Image courtesy of Michael Geiger of Expert Tiger