New kid on the block and Wave-ing goodbye....

Affinity release Publisher to go alongside Designer and Photo

Many among you might remember the days of Quark Express and Macromedia before Adobe took over the publishing sphere with Creative Suite. It wasn’t long before Adobe went from being the underdog taking on the behemoth that was Quark and becoming the defacto suite to use for creative professionals.

All was well until Adobe changed from perpetual licences to their subscription model and that was when people realised that they were trapped. How could this happen? Are we all doomed to be tied to Adobe forever? Apparently not…

Relative newcomer Affinity have added Publisher to their existing lineup consisting of Designer and Photo bringing possible alternatives to InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop respectively. Unfortunately Publisher can’t yet open .indd files but given there was a plugin for InDesign to open Quark files (albeit with a few glitches) it’s only a matter of time before that particular hurdle is cleared.

Even better news is that these apps aren’t aren’t on a subscription model and neither are they bank-breaking costing only £38.99 each.

Visit Affinity’s website for a look

Wave Accounting will be ending UK banking support on September 14th 2019

Citing new Open Banking and MTD rules, Wave have decided that their free-to-use solution will no longer be able to connect to UK bank accounts after this date. 3rd-party solutions may still work for now but how long that will be the case is as yet unknown.

This will obviously have repurcussions for many freelancers who rely on Wave’s free accounting solution possibly forcing them to move to platforms fully compliant with Open Banking and Making Tax Digital such as QuickBooks or (our favourite) Xero.

Read Wave’s support page for more information.

Research suggests a large number of businesses still running Windows 7

With Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020 it is vital that those still using it take steps to upgrade to Windows 10 before then.

Yes, you just read that last sentence on the blog of somebody who hasn’t actively used a computer running Windows for well over 15 years but I thought it important enough to mention it regardless. Security is important no matter what platform you use and it would be remiss of me not to bring this to your attention.

Then again, if you don’t want to migrate to Windows 10 and fancy moving over to a Mac, give me a call!

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